DnD 5e: Eastern expedition

The journey so far

The group has found themselves within a large city at the cusp of night, twilight long left to descend the city into darkness with only the pinpricks of light from torches of the locals. Said locals if they saw you would probably hang you for being as they would say “Foul agents of Ardenia” and so the group is on the run trying to avoid the rabid masses while trying to find their bearings.

How you got here?

simple enough, your group enticed by a seemingly harmless 12 year old girl with the nothing but presumably darkness residing in her soul told you to find a bunch of outcast mages, Mages who are apparently the worst at what they do, and managed to summon “terrifying monsters” and asked you to clear them out. The group being “the group” thought it would be fun to play with the “shiny magic scrying chamber” and ended up in probably the most terrifying place in all the planes of existence.

Residing in the depths of what could be described as an Arcanii home world or base of operations resided a blackened figure of a women clad in spiked and wicked Armour with a purple fire burning slowly from one eye and what seemed to be an Arcanii priest that wielded the flesh of the fallen with paramount efficiency. The group making short work of the foe, prepared to fight the blackened figure, she on the other had seemed to have little desire to relish in battle and seemingly let them leave the premise unhindered. By a deafening roar the world around you seemingly adhering to the figures command opened the green gateway, the group however had a few thing to complete before leaving. The group explored the small confines of safe terrain within the realm to discover two very important details :

  1. The Arcanii had a standing force far larger and far more prepared for a conventional engagement than previously assumed.
  1. It seems that Pet has some form of connection to the realm and likes presents.

The group left the realm to be thrown into the middle of the giant unknown city in a back ally, most of the group getting a grim reminder of what they last ate moments after from teleportation sickness.

The group tried to find out just where they were when Flynt Westwood, the parties warlock decided to blend into the crowd and check out a local preachers speech where he had a albeit brief discussion with non other than Tet, the least crazy of the all the divine beings the group has come into contact with. His message :

“Find the fragments of Ardenia, the thieves guild can help you”

At this point the group began to head northwest along the roof tops of the city, things didn’t go as planned and the resident Deathknight Paelias had to knock a bitch out and gave another a rather rude hand signal to a local night man as he jumped out a window and thus returning to the present.



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